Epic Bingo

You could be our next BIG winner!

Saturday, June 24th is a date to put in your calendar as we guarantee to create BIG WINNERS in our $/€20,000 Epic Bingo Party. With ten exciting $/€1,000 Guaranteed Games to get this Epic Bingo Party started and an irresistible $/€10,000 Guaranteed Cash Prize to be won in the BIG game, it’s a Bingo party that you won’t want to miss.

The Epic Bingo Party fun starts at 6pm EDT in the Tropical Bingo Room as we play the first of ten, top-of-the-hour and mid-hour $/€1,000 Guaranteed Games. With a card cost of just $/€2.00 per card, that’s $/€10,000 in Cash Prizes - and we’re only getting the party started! At 11pm EDT it’s time for the BIGGEST Bingo Game of the month, our exclusive $/€10,000 Guaranteed Game! With cards costing just $5.00 each, this is your chance to become one of our BIG Bingo Winners.


It’s the Biggest Bingo Event of the month as we award $/€20,000 in Guaranteed Cash Prizes throughout the event. We guarantee to create more BIG Winners!


The $/€20,000 Epic Bingo Party starts at 6pm EDT in the Tropical Bingo Room on Saturday, June 24th. Make sure to join in the Bingo fun and play to win BIG!


Purchase your lucky Bingo cards for just $/€2.00 per card for the $/€1,000 Guaranteed Games and just $/€5.00 per card for the BIG $/€10,000 Guaranteed Game.